No Taxpayer funding for Park of Keir

The Park of Keir development is a planned build of luxury housing and sports facilities on the greenbelt between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane, off the Keir Roundabout. 

The developers claim the housing is essential to fund the sports facilities even though it will only provide 10-20% of the initial build cost. The developer also claims that the sports facilities will be of local and national benefit in spite of there being no evidence of any demand, no evidence that this is the best site and no viable business plan. 

The Local council, community councils, residents, and the Scottish Government's own planning expert disagree. The proposed development would mean the destruction of a large area of greenbelt separating the distinct towns of Bridge of Allan and Dunblane, and it would increase the traffic on the already congested Keir roundabout. The Scottish Government’s Reporter, at the Public Inquiry, confirmed the validity of objections and recommended refusal of the application.

However, instead of listening to the views of the locals and their own planning expert, the Scottish Government ran roughshod over local democracy and gave permission for the build. 

That isn't the end of it. The developer has now asked the Scottish Government for public funding to make the project possible, and in a letter to Stirling MP Stephen Kerr, the Scottish Government did not reject the idea of putting taxpayers money into it.

Effectively the residents of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan would be paying for the development themselves, through tax revenue. The people of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan would be paying to have their own green belt destroyed.

This is not only totally unacceptable, but this proposal is very high risk. Would this be a responsible use of public money?

 Let the Scottish Government know we will not accept this; sign our petition today.

No Taxpayer funding for Park of Keir

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